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Massage Class for Couples


Regina was amazing! Def helped us rekindle our flame and helped us be intimate. Great job!

July 06, 2016

Couples Massage Class was absolutely wonderful!! Regina is both knowledgeable and professional. The experience was both a learning and relaxing one!!

July 02, 2016

Very excellent course. Great learning experience, with and excellent teacher/instructor.

June 05, 2016

My wife and I took the couple's class. Regina was great! Clearly well trained and highly professional, and obviously dedicated to succeeding in teaching you to be a good masseur/masseuse. She started by asking questions about our experiences with massage and what we were hoping to get out of the class. In the relatively short 3 hour session we both learned the basic techniques. It's amazing how much of an impact good technique can have, and Regina knows just how to teach it. It was a great experience. I'm sure we'll be back for more advanced training.

Chris P./Sykesville on 5/24/2014

"Thanks for the wonderful experience" of the -Best Friend- offer. I will definitely be back!

M.Vicon 5/29th/2014

"We had a wonderful time" We'll be back!

C.Ya on 5/29th/2014

"Awesome" great class


"It was a phenomrnal experience. I would recommend Spa Lounge to anyone. It was money well spend and I'cant wait to go again" A.S


"Regina was most hospitable. Her knowledge of the different modalities of massage was extraordinary, especially prenatal massage. My nine months pregnant daughter and I went to a couples' sessions. It was a most enlightening and gratifying experience.."


Deal: Two-HourCouples' Massage Class - Baltimore County - 3/15/2013

"My boyfriend and I bought the living social deal for a couple's massage - we figured it'd be fun to learn some real techniques instead of just winging it. Regina put us in on one of her normally off days without hesitation, even after we had to cancel our previous session last minute.

She was really wonderful in tailoring each lesson based on what the other person said was usually the sorer part of their back. We each had a chance to get massaged for an hour each with Regina stepping in with new techniques and showing us how to make the experience even better for the other person.

This deal was AMAZING for the money and definitely worth it at full price, too!

I would go back to Regina in a second and recommend her to anyone. She is easy-going, makes you comfortable, and knows what she's talking about!"

Alaina G.


"I bought the living social deal for a couple's massage class for my girlfriend and I and wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I've done the 918FSt. deals in DC so I envisioned a class full of couples and massage tables with her in front going over some generic stuff. I was very pleasantly surprised!"

"The facility is actually a converted lower area of a house. We sat down in the lobby area to cookies and bottled water and went over previous experience, medical stuff, what we wanted our partner to focus on etc. Once complete I figured we'd be waiting for the other couples to arrive...not so. Regina escorted us into a side room with ONE TABLE and no other people (whew!!). She spent the next hour with me on the table instructing my girlfriend on what to do, where to do it, techniques, tricks, and tips. Then we switched and it was my turn to be the masseuse. As we each had different focus areas, the lessons were slightly different. In the end I was thoroughly impressed with the level of instruction, the one-on-one environment (which makes it a bit more intimate), and the cost of the whole experience ($65!)."

"Additionally, Regina squeezed us in last minute on a busy Saturday (even made a before normal hours appointment for us) which was nice because we wouldn't have been able to do it otherwise. "

"I highly recommend the couples massage class for anyone who wants to get a little bit closer to their partner. It provided 2 1/2 hours of supervised touching and was an absolutely amazing start to our Saturday. We will definitely be back for the advanced class!"

Marty g.


Her place is easy to find. It's easy to park and in a safe area.

Marty. g's review sums up our own experience. My wife and I the experience was very relaxing and helpful. Regina is a wonderful instructor.

A few weeks later, I have received my first 90 minute massage. We discussed what I was looking for.... a very relaxing massage. Many time LMT's try to "fix" me even after I tell them that I really just want a relaxing massage with long slow strokes; not too much pressure try to relax me to sleep. Regina gave me exactly what I asked for. One of the best massages that I have ever had. I will certainly seeing her again in the future.


Paul & Debbie

"My experience exceeded my expectation"


"Regina was wonderful. Experience exceeded my expectations"


"Fantastic experience. Spa lounge was also very flexible when we showed up on the wrong date and worked to accommodate us!"

Two-Hour Couples Massage Class Thumbs Up 11/20/2012

"A must for you and your girlfriend or wife"

Thumbs Up 11/17/2012

"Awesome service. Regina is passionate about her work which makes the experience wonderful!"

Two-Hour Couples Massage Class

Thumbs Up 11/14/2012

“The level of service at Spa Lounge is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism. Thank you!”

Feeling relaxed and renewed!


“Regina is not just giving a massage. She listens to your needs and takes good care of you. I know that she created Spa Lounge next to Spa Adagio which she runs in Germany and her International Spa School. Keep up the great work!”

As a student of one of her couple massage classes I can only say that Regina is a fantastic teacher and instructor!

A living social student

"What an amazing experience! Regina took the time to make us comfortable, ask what our goals were, and assess our needs. The massage class was fun and interesting. My partner and I left very relaxed and inspired to take better care of eachother. I can't wait to take a refresher class. I only wish I'd bought this deal for every friend getting married this year. Go see Regina now!"

1/30/2013 A student of the couple massage class

"Excellent instructor with both verbal and hands-on instruction. Regina is very knowledgeable and knows her trade quite well. We both look forward to returning to her in a few months for another course."


"Really fun and educational!"