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"The Language of Massage"

~The Power of Touch ~


Ask for my schedule. Certain days only!

Study to give the right massage for your partner!

Happy You = Happy Couples = Happy Families

Buy now and Book later: $ 398

~ Couple Massage Classes ~


as John Lennon sings:

"Love is touch, touch is love

Love is you, you and me

Love is living, living love"


Soon to be - and newlyweds

Staying in touch

Regain your love

Before you pack up

Spice up your love

Date Night

Gift Idea  

What you get (and more than you expect)

  1. manuscript/ step by step guide of the studied massage
  2. refreshments, snacks,
  3. sheets, towels are provides

What students say: click on Testimonial or go to "yelp"

$398 fee - private class 3.5 hrs.

$2500 per couple when you "bring your friends" 

The best investment for your relationship ever!

"Regina was wonderful. The experience exceeded our expectations. Go and see Regina now!"

Topics of the Beginner Class*:

  • 101 of giving a massage
  • Intro
  • Warm-up - Streeeeetch
  • I share the biggest secret of how to give a great massage
  • Setting the Stage
  • The "stance dance"
  • The "massage tool box"

The "Advanced PM Class":

  • Taking your work to the next level
  • More modalities
  • More fun

 The "Advanced Master Class plus":

  • Working 80% with the "magic tool"
  • More massage modalities
  • More massage add- on's
  • Bonus Material

Call: (410) 558-1185 

~ International Massage Classes in Germany ~